Safe Speed sticker designs
For you to download and print


Here is the first of a series of stickers for you to download and print. Show your support for the Safe Speed campaign.


Ideally right click the image and choose "save image as", then load the image in your favourite photo manipulation software and print from there. Printing direct from the web browser may yield disappointing result. If you are determined to print direct from your web browser, please open the image file in a new window first. You can do this by right clicking on the image and selecting "open image in new window".

If you don't have photo manipulation software, allow us to recommend "Paint Shop Pro" by JASC. Versions up to 4.12 were non-expiring shareware. You can find version 4.12 for free download with an ftp search (click here). Later versions with many more features can be downloaded but expire after a while.

design by mike[F]

Thanks Mike.

More to follow...

Watch this space

Let's make speed cameras as unacceptable as drink driving

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