Derbyshire gets it wrong
More misinformation from the camera scammers


We were amazed to discover that the Derbyshire Scamera Partnership published incorrect national speed limits on their web site:

We captured the following web page on the morning of 3rd September 2003 at Click the link to see if they have fixed it yet!

For anyone familiar with UK speed limits it should be obvious that they have incorrectly reported two limits for HGVs.

We've added the red circles for anyone not familiar. The correct limits are 40 mph and 50 mph, not 50 mph and 60 mph. You can check the authoritative information with the online Highway Code. (click here)

Safe Speed comments

Obviously this is a simple error caused by the person who made up the web page. What we find worrying is that such a public body can allow this sort of error into the public domain. It they had a procedure for checking or approval it obviously didn't work, and if they didn't - well that's just another reason for them to be ashamed.

Having investigated the subject in great detail every Scamera Partnership web site that we have examined contains misleading information. Most contain several of the "Big Lies" that we've identified.

There's absolutely no excuse for a public body to publish misleading safety information.

You can't measure safe driving in miles per hour

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