Another problem for the speed camera proponents to explain...
If they worked, speed cameras would improve fatality figures the most.


There are no shortage of problems with speed camera policy that demand, but yet lack, adequate official explanations. Here's yet another.

Mr Brunstrom says:
"I do agree we are worried (we being the Government and the Police) about the stubborn refusal of the road death figures to go down."
He was speaking on the BBC Wales radio show: "Eye on Wales" on 27th October 2003. You can hear his words (here) (MP3 format, 12 seconds, 99KB)

You are right to be worried Mr Brunstrom. Large numbers of people are dying as a result of your policies.


This chart shows recent figures for one Police force area. Other areas are similar. There are no national figures available.

It shows how a greater proportion of fatal and serious accidents have "excessive speed" recorded as a cause or contributory factor. It's certainly not surprising that excessive speed crashes result in death more often. 

The problem

We have speed cameras everywhere. If they reduced accidents, the first place we should see the benefit is clearly in fatal accidents. That's where the greatest proportion of excessive speed accidents are.

Working from the sample figures for Grampian, speed cameras should be more than twice as likely to reduce fatal accidents as serious accidents, and three times more likely to reduce fatals as slight accidents.

So fatal accidents should be dropping fastest if speed cameras worked. But fatal accidents are not dropping at all.

Speed cameras were trialled in 1992 and introduced in 1993. Since the spread of the camera scourge in 1994 we have seen annual roads fatalities fall by just 219 over the following 8 years to 2002 (average 27 fewer deaths per year). But from 1990 to 1993 road deaths fell by 1,403. (average 468 fewer deaths per year).

So we should expect to see the largest benefit from speed cameras in fatal accidents, but there's no benefit at all visible in the figures. There's no better place to look for a benefit.

Of course we believe that there's a strong disbenefit. (click here)

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