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Newspaper articles
Newspaper Article Publication Date File
Daily Mail Why Speed Cameras COST lives 2nd September 2002 dailymail001.gif
The Maidenhead Advertiser Come Clean About the Crash Facts 28th February 2003 advertiser001.jpg
Birmingham Evening Mail Invisible Enemy 21st May 2003 bem001.jpg
Daily Mail Front Page: Hypocrites! 5th June 2003 dailymail002.jpg
Daily Mail The Police Chief who wages war on the motorist as burglars have a field day. 26th July 2003 dailymail007.jpg
Daily Mail Is this the worst Copper in Britian? 2nd August 2003 dailymail010.jpg
Dundee Courier The Creeping Menace 16th September 2003 courier001.jpg
Daily Mail Speed camera obsession causes rise in drink-drive toll 3rd October 2003 dailymail011.jpg
Western Mail Recipe for Disaster 25th October 2003 westernmail001.jpg
The Sun (Scotland) Cop driver is banned 8th January 2004 sun001.gif

Magazine articles

Magazine Article Publication Date Files
Autocar Great Speeding Fines Rip-Off 21st August 2002 autocar001.jpg
Redline Legal Loop-hole Confusion July 2003 redline001.jpg

Published letters

Publication Subject Publication Date Files
Unknown Letter from retired Policeman: "Speed Cameras Won't Work..." February 2003 unknown001.gif
Daily Mail Follow up to "Hypocrites!" front page article 10th June 2003 dailymail004.jpg
Daily Mail Call for drivers to unite 18th June 2003 dailymail005.jpg
Daily Mail Follow up to "Hypocrites!" front page article 23rd June 2003 dailymail006.jpg
Chester Chronicle Alwyn Davis expertly attacks Mr Brunstrom's Policies 22nd August 2003 chesterchronicle003.jpg

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