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Speed kills, kill your speed?

or should that be

Greece kills, kill your Greece?

Consider the following table:

Data from The International Road Traffic Accident Database IRTAD

What can we conclude?

Fact: There are very big differences in road safety figures for different countries. As shown above. Data for third world countries isn't quoted (and in many cases isn't well documented), but is generally at least five times worse even than Greece.
Educated assumption: There is no correlation whatsoever between vehicle speeds (or speed enforcement) and accident rate in different countries. For example: While we know that very high speeds are used in Germany, Germany sits clearly as one of the world's safe countries, although less safe than the UK.  Further supporting evidence sought.
Obvious conclusion: It follows that "other factors" are far more important in determining national accident rates than speed. The evidence comes from all over the world; Speed is not a primary factor in road accident rates.
Inescapable question: Why do we concentrate on speed enforcement as a means of accident reduction when other factors are clearly far more important? Shouldn't we look at the differences between other countries and the UK, and then extrapolate the improvements required?
Counter argument: You're not comparing like with like. Oh yes we are. We are comparing accident rates in countries with similar speed limits and similar speed enforcement policies. They have widely disparate accident rates for other reasons. We could clearly change our accident rate massively by making changes other than speed enforcement.

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