Safe Speed presentation at Blackpool in October 2003


Idris Francis and the Association of British Drivers (ABD) arranged a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool on 8th October 2003. Paul Smith of Safe Speed attended and gave a presentation which ran for about an hour. You can read and download Safespeed materials presented at the meeting from this page. Close to 100 people attended. The presentation was very well received by the audience. An attendee had this to say in an email after the presentation:

"I had not truly previously been convinced of the sheer scale of the disaster these things are causing, the deaths and mayhem and ruined lives, the criminality of the innocent driver, and most importantly the fact that people's way of thinking while driving has changed from safety as avoiding damage to people and vehicles to safety from litigation, fines and points on licences."
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Much of the presentation drew on information carried on this web site. For further information refer to the following pages:

Fatality Rate Trends
International trends in road safety
Lies in UK road safety
Beware of the Tiger
Safe Speeds
Road safety in the UK
North Wales Daily Post article (included in handout)

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Why and how speed cameras cost lives

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Road Safety Key Facts

    Recent figures show very poor improvement compared with all previous decades

    The UK roads are more or less the safest in the world

    The UK roads became the safest in the world long before we had any speed cameras.

    Faster roads are safer. Our motorways are both the fastest and the safest roads. Town roads are both the slowest and the most dangerous.

    Since 1998, speed camera fines have quadrupled, but there has been no change in road deaths.

    Around 3 to 7% of UK road accidents genuinely have “excessive speed” as a cause or contributory factor. A large and unknown proportion of these excessive speed accidents involve driving too fast for the prevailing conditions but do not involve exceeding a speed limit.

    Many appalling high-speed crashes are caused by escaping criminals, drunks, joyriders, unlicenced or unregistered drivers and even Police drivers, but none of these groups will respond to speed enforcement. 

    There is no international correlation between national roads fatality rate and speed enforcement policy for different countries, except that those countries with the most aggressive speed enforcement policies have all lost the downwards trend in their fatal accident rate.

Road Safety Key Lies
It isn't true that a “1 mph reduction in average speed will lead to a 5% reduction in accidents”

It isn't true that there's “a body of research proving a link between speeding and road accidents”.

“speed cameras save lives” - there's absolutely no evidence to support this statement

It isn't true that “one third of accidents” are “caused by speed”.

The claim that accidents were reduced “at speed camera sites” by 35% (or other figures) entirely depends on statistical errors. Although the figure is true, speed cameras did not cause the reduction.

It isn't true that you are twice as likely to kill a child by driving at 35 mph. (It is true that you are twice as likely to kill a child in a 35 mph impact as a 30 mph impact. But very few pedestrian impacts take place at free travelling speeds. 0.55% of child pedestrians injured in accidents with motor vehicles died in 2002, despite some 59% still exceeding 30 mph at sample sites.)

"Introducing Safe Speed"

Introducing Safe Speed

Safe Speed is a road safety campaign seeking to uncover the truth in UK road safety and direct us back onto the track with gave us such excellent improvements over the last 50 years, and which gave us the safest roads in the world.

Safe Speed's current most important issue to end the obsession with speed enforcement and concentrate UK road safety policy on things that can actually improve road safety.

Safe Speed believes that the principles that gave us the safest roads in the world in the first place can still be used to excellent effect to make them far safer yet.

Safe Speed believes that too much emphasis on speed limit enforcement is making our roads more dangerous because driver priorities are being distorted. This worsening of driver behaviour is exacerbated by growth in traffic and both together are approximately balanced by improvements in vehicle safety, medical care and road engineering giving the observable static fatality rate. In previous decades the factor of worsening driver behaviour did not exist and we saw a ten fold improvement in the fatality rate between 1950 and 1993.

Over the last couple of years Safe Speed has become the largest and most detailed information resource in the UK supporting the proposition that high levels of speed enforcement increase road dangers.

Safe Speed passionately exposes the lies, assumptions and half-truths in UK road safety. It's quite astonishing just how much of what you hear about road safety in the UK has little or no basis in fact.

There's been a tremendous increase in demand for information over the last six months and Safe Speed is seeking funding.

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You can't measure safe driving in miles per hour

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