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Perhaps you are a traffic officer, someone involved in road safety or you're involved in government at some level. You don't like what's going on, and you would like to tell the World. However, your bosses would much rather you didn't tell the World. 

We offer a range of facilities to enable you to pass out information without revealing your identity.

You can send information by email, by post or by telephone. We can put you in touch with journalists or broadcasters. We promise not to reveal your identity, but for extra security and peace of mind we offer a whole range of facilitates whereby you can provide information without identifying yourself.

Earlier anonymous submissions facilities included a web form (that was before we had the forum system). You can read anonymous submissions sent via the earlier (short lived) system (here).

Anonymous forum - public post

Two special areas of our forum system permit posting without prior registration. The first makes messages immediately available for the public to view. It's called "Anonymous submissions". You can read this forum (here). The second does not make messages visible to the public. See below.

Anonymous forum - private post

This is the second special area of our forum system. Messages posted here can only be read by us and are not visible to the public or other forum members. Forum registration is not required to post.

Anonymous forum membership

If you wish to be a long-term forum member anonymously we will assist you in the creation of a fully anonymous forum account. Contact the office by email or telephone. Or simply register using a Hotmail email address. (Also see below under Internet anonymity.) 

By mail

Sending documents by post is very safe. Any document in an envelope without sender's name or address is pretty confidential - it would be very hard for anyone to identify the sender.

To further enhance your security we undertake to destroy envelopes on receipt and to scan documents and destroy the original document before publication or further distribution.

Our postal address is:

Coast View
Hunting Hill
near Tain
IV19 1PE
By email

You can send us email from any address. If you ask us to we undertake to delete and purge the original email complete with source and contact details immediately on receipt. Obviously we'd expect to keep the content. You can send us file attachments, which could include documents, scans of documents, spreadsheets or whatever. Our email server is not within the UK and accepts attachments up to at least 10MB. See below (Internet Anonymity) for a commentary on anonymous use of the net. 

Just use our main email address:

By telephone

You can ring us on 01862 893030 - 077990 45553 - 07721 331 991

If you want to withhold your number use the 141 prefix, so dial 141 01862 893030

If you need to verify that your phone is withholding the number use the BT testing service on 17070.
Dial 17070 for status, and 141 17070 for verification.

Internet anonymity

The Internet is fairly anonymous by nature. You can register for a Hotmail account or a Yahoo email account and send fairly untraceable messages.

There are also Internet services that offer much higher anonymity. For example see this (Google search). You can find excellent highly anonymous "proxies" without having to pay for software or a service.

new: This free anonymous proxy looks good :

Press contacts

We can put you in direct touch with a suitable journalist or broadcaster if you have a story you would like to tell.

We can pass on your information to journalists or broadcasters in complete confidence if you prefer.

  • Give us enough background information to believe that the information is genuine.
  • Ask yourself how many other folk have access to the information. If it's less than ten you might be identified.
  • The greatest threat to your anonymity might be someone literally looking over your shoulder.
  • We'd like to be able to recognise further information from the same person. Decide how you wish to identify yourself to us. Choose a nickname.

Promoting intelligent road safety

We have a strict editorial policy regarding factual content. If any fact anywhere on this web site can be shown to be incorrect we promise to remove it or correct it as soon as possible.
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