SafeSpeed deplores smear tactics
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 release date: 3rd february 2003 title: Safe Speed deplores smear tactics number: pr106

Safe Speed deplores smear tactics

News: for immediate release.

In an article in The Guardian on Tuesday 3rd February 2004 the following text appears:

"Another affiliate organisation whose subscribers are counted in the ABD's membership is SafeSpeed, a body set up by a Scottish engineer, Paul Smith, who is regarded as such a nuisance by law enforcement authorities that one police chief sent out a memo advising staff not to reply to his constant bombardment of letters." 
Safe Speed letters have been carefully targeted at specific misinformation, and have been extremely successful in revealing some genuine facts in UK road safety.

It is little wonder that those who would mislead the public regard them as a nuisance, but there has never been a bombardment.

"Mr Smith has attracted adverse comment by using a black SS logo on a red background to promote SafeSpeed. He told the Times recently that death threats against Mrs Williams constituted "a mild reaction" to her "dangerous" ideas."
Our logo is a modified UK speed limit sign containing the letters "SS". This is intended to communicate the single most important safety message for drivers: They MUST NEVER exceed the "safe speed" for the circumstances. In other words, they should always be able to stop within the distance that they know to be clear.

There were no "death threats" on the Internet forum in question, only "pub chat" along the lines of "she should be strung up", as The Times knew full well before the article was written. Safe Speed does believe that "pub chat" is a mild reaction.

It is entirely true that Safe Speed considers "single issue" approaches to road safety dangerous. Mary Williams has been sent two letters pointing out straightforward facts about UK road safety and offering information and analysis. We had no reply. 

Paul Smith said: "It is entirely deplorable that those losing the argument about road safety policy resort to cheap smear tactics. Considering the range of vested interests and the lies they have produced, perhaps we should not be entirely surprised. Safe Speed information is compiled and presented with an extremely high degree of care and integrity.  Our information is presented in public together with a promise to immediately remove or amend anything that can be shown to be incorrect. We will never introduce personal smears into the road safety debate."


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