Safe Speed response to PACTS / SSI document
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 release date: 10/12/2003 title: Safe Speed response to PACTS / SSI document number: PR102

Safe Speed response to PACTS / SSI document

Dear Sir,

Please find attached (click here) our robust dismissal of the claims made by PACTS / SSI in their recent document supporting speed cameras in the UK. The ten questions that the authorities cannot answer are of particular importance. (page 10)

The identical text (with links and references) may be accessed at:

After over 4,000 hours of investigation, we are absolutely certain that speed cameras are having a serious detrimental effect on road safety in the UK.

Our information has apparently made Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom so uncomfortable that he sent a bizarre memo to all Chief Constables asking them not to reply to our requests for road safety information.

For further information, visit the web site:

or contact us by telephone: 01862 832000

or reply to this email.

Safe Speed calls for an urgent return to the road safety policies which gave us the safest roads in the World in the first place.

We are not against speed limits or speed enforcement by skilled police officers.

Best Regards,
Paul Smith
Safe Speed

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