Speed Camera Law Fails
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 release date: 28th February 2003 title: Speed Camera Law Fails number: PR101

For immediate release 28/02/03

In a recent case in Wales, Phillip Dennis, 34 was found not guilty of a speeding offence captured by camera because the form identifying the driver had not been signed.

Magistrates at Mold agreed that the unsigned form was not legal evidence of who was driving at the time of the offence.

SafeSpeed believes that this will open the flood gates and that a change in law will be required if people stop signing the forms.

Paul Smith comments "It's about time that motorists had some good news, and this could be it." He went on, "Everyone seems to break the speed limit and in 2001 5.6% of drivers were found guilty of speeding offences in England and Wales. It can't go on like this.

The requirement to supply to the police information about the driver at the time of the offence is contained in the Road Traffic Act, 1988, section 172. But the requirement is to supply information, not evidence, and it appears that drivers can supply the required information legally on an unsigned form.

Safespeed believes that this will require a change in the law.

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