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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 04:46 
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Some of you who have been visiting this forum for some time might remember this:

JJ wrote:
Ernest Marsh wrote:
Ironically, the horn is SO loud, it reverberates off the hills and houses, and it is impossible to tell which direction the train is coming from, or how far away it is!

How about this Ernest. If you hear a train whistle (horn, whatever!) THERE IS A TRAIN COMING. Usually it is on the track so get off it! What difference does the direction make. The width of the track is 4' 8 1/2", take 2 steps in a direction that isn't ALONG THE TRACK.

Ernest Marsh wrote:
Despite the trains run to a timetable, the most obvious safety measure - posting a timetable up next to the crossing - completely escapes them, as does making one crossing serve ALL THREE footpaths, and linking them with a trackside path!

No need.
1. Approach the track crossing.
2. Stop before you get inside the 2 long hard things.
3. Look both ways and listen for the absence of a loud whistle (horn, whatever!).
4. No audible of visual evidence of train.
5. Cross the track while listening for a train whistle (horn, whatever!).
6. If you do hear a train whistle (horn, whatever!), take your 2 or 3 steps quicker than you would without the sound as somewhere along those 2 hard things you have just stepped between is a train blowing its whistle (horn, whatever!).
NOTE: DO NOT worry from which direction the sound is coming for the train will most likely be a travellin' toward you from along those 2 hard things in which you have just strayed. Get out of them it hurts.

Ernest Marsh wrote:
I propose we all hoot our horns, everytime we cross a road junction or crossing, which is not controlled by lights, from 6.10 am, until 10.30 pm, and see how long it is before we get locked up!! :twisted:

Yes you would wouldn't you.

I thought that you posted some realm of sense from time to time but you should really take time out to get your doctor to alter your dosage.

PS, picture passed on to railtrack for suitable action regarding trespass.

Railtrack had announced the train horn was to be reduced to 1 x 120 decibel hoot on the way into Windermere, and 2 x 120 decibel hoots on the way out "because the train is accelerating".

I asked if this was because it was accelerating faster than the speed of sound - and offered to travel to the Railtrack Chairman's home, and sound a slightly quieter car horn outside his house morning, noon and night, seven days a week (with the same frequency of the train arrivals).
I also asked the National Park Authority why they had effectivey banned powerboats on the lake, yet made no protest over the train horns.

Well common sense HAS prevailed, and after a site visit by some senior Railtrack management, they have announced that (despite the danger posed to users of the crossing), the horns will cease - once the "Whistle Boards" have been taken away!!
I dont suppose my asking for a council tax reduction, or the possibility of them being asked to make up the difference in the value of houses in the vicinity had anything to do with it, and I still cannot get over those wimps at the National Park Authority banning a minor source of noise, yet making NO representations regarding a far more intrusive noise AT ALL!

As to the views expressed by our Camera Partnership Manager, it really sums up his character - never mind the common sense approach - just keep flashing and cashing, regardless of how many people are dying on our roads because HIS way is not really working! :x


Time to take responsibility for our actions.. and don't be afraid of speaking out!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2006 13:58 

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Quite right, Ernest.
You know, you couldn't make up the things that go on really.
Take the Lake District for example.
You have Callaghan and his lickspittles cashing in on drivers for absolutely no safety benefit and being economical with the truth when it suits them, all the time being draconian with anyone who might be inclined to lie to them.
The there is the LDNPA which, by going back on a deal made long ago and banning speed boats from Windermere have destroyed several businesses, or so it is understood, but still insist that this measure enjoys popular support.

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