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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 17:40 
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SafeSpeedv2 wrote:
PeterE wrote:
As Orwell said in 1984, "It was almost normal for people over thirty to be frightened of their own children."
Getting children to denounce their elders is a favoured tactic of totalitarian regimes.
Most interesting and troubling, but accurate - perhaps!

notguilty wrote:
Some more details of what children are meant to ask drivers in the "kids court" at the roadside.
So are you involved with this particular Speed Watch? If you are might you be prepared to tell us more please ?

So how might we answer if we happened to be asked these questions .... as an exercise and for interest ....
notguilty wrote:
Do you know the speed limit?
For what road? Do you? What difference does any motorists speed have, to their ability to stop ?
notguilty wrote:
Why are you speeding by my school?
Which school do you attend? (as you have stated it is near other facilities). What's the difference between going 'too fast for conditions' and going 'over the speed limit'? What are the three reasons for a speed limit?
notguilty wrote:
How would you feel if you ran me over?
What events would have to occur for that event to take place? Why do you assume that you will be run over? If you run out what skills do you know of, that a motorist might apply to avoid you?
notguilty wrote:
Will you continue speeding?
What is 'speeding'? What do you understand about the 85th %ile ? What percentage of motorists are involved in accidents with speed as a factor? Is 'speed' ever a cause of an accident and if so how & when? What does driving to a numeric value mean to you ?
notguilty wrote:
Have you got anything to say.
Plenty. What is 'driving safely'? Would you rather I spent my time driving safely, or merely driving at precise numeric value/s ? What effect will travelling at a numeric value have on the motorists visual perspective? What does 'pay attention to the road ahead' mean to you? What happens before every accident - talk me through it?

notguilty wrote:
The school children would ask these questions as it would be more impactive and would make the driver this of the consequences more seriously.
If a driver is failing to properly consider their actions it is a matter of psychology and 'interest' in the subject. Even short lived lessons do not last and many will take massive offence to this type of ridicule. As for teaching disrespect ... :(

notguilty wrote:
The speed watch is more of an educations tool to members of the public and getting the children involved with the community the intention is not to prosecute anyone. The sole intention is making people think twice of speeding past the school.
This is not 'getting children' involved in the community but being taught many wrong and damaging brainwashed misguided information about road safety which is terribly wrong. If there is no intention to prosecute then why act like Police and enforcement. Enforcement is not a joke and cannot be taken so lightly. This is messing with people's lives with no evidence whatsoever that there is any benefit !
IMHO utterly appalling.

The Link to the Public Order Offence/s Section 5 is here and here - most interesting.

"Do you know the speed limit? Why are you speeding by my school?"

The speed limit on the road is 30. However it was only changed a few months before by the council. They took down the 40 signs and failed to install 30 signs on the road, or terminal signs at the end road. Makes you wonder why the council would remove 40 signs and not replace these.
It's odd that in this case the prosecution think drivers should know the spacing for street lighting to determine the road is a 30. However what's odd the same street lights are on the same road 500M from this point with a 50 limit in effect.

"How would you feel if you ran me over?"

I think this was not a Q&A session it was "shame" the driver in a kids court. However in Kids court people are not allowed to defend themselves. So its not really a court as the prosecution claimed, as of course courts you can defend yourself.

" Have you got anything to say."

The questions I would have asked would be. How can the Police give speed guns to civilians and 10 year old children to operate, and then pull over other civilians and then pass incorrect information to Police officers to issues incorrect tickets.

Why do CSO's not issue summons instead of un lawfully holding drivers for 45 minutes.

If you are going to pull over drivers and make accusation of speeding, should the operators be trained to use the equipment.

"The school children would ask these questions as it would be more impactive and would make the driver this of the consequences more seriously."
I wonder if the time would not be spent teaching children road safety.

If someone was run over by the school, say if the child ran in the road I assume then if the driver was doing 20 it would be drivers fault.

"Section 5"

Yes Public Order Section 5 is a joke.

For allegedly saying to CSO you are "not even a real pig" can end in court, and a criminal conviction. The defendant has to fund his defence, however the CSO gets paid to attend court and had zero costs.

In this case the teaching assistant (not a teacher as some media reported)claims the defendant said "is this what you teach *&^*&^*& Kids" or words to that effect, however this was not supported by the CSO's

The trial goes on, into its third day due to court delays and failings by the prosecution to supply vital evidence to the defence, which does not help there case.

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