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Reduced respect for law.

Comment from: Grant

Reduce respect will become pervasive subconsciously to more legal postions than than just motoring law.

Motoring law is a technical offence, in my view, which often seems to result in a heavier punishment than, say, pre-meditated burglary - to offer just one example.

Speeding, certainly in urban areas, is quite often an oversight without further consequence rather than a pre-meditated action. In any case, unlike murder or GBH,  speeding has no glimmer of clearly defined and accepted moral boundaries that cover all its aspects. The exposure to the potential risk of prosecution must be considered as constant whilst travelling and yet could be applied for a transgression of just a couple of seconds. And every transgression counts, whereas a burglar or similar can wipe the slate 'clean' by asking for other transgressions to be taken into consideration and included in a single sentence. Of course it is a matter of question who owns the slate that is being cleaned. Good for stats, clean slates.

The simple fact is that there are many more motorists than burglars - a bigger and more visible target group to aim for.

Comment from SafeSpeed:

We must also watch out for effects that come from the way that our legal rights are being eroded. The presumption of innocence and the right to silence are both now reduced for motoring offences. Even the requirement for proper identification of the offender is weakened. The more we forsake traditional British Justice (always the envy of the world) the more lawless our society must become.

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