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Joy riders, drunks, reckless and lawless drivers unaffected.

Comment from: Grant

If these drivers and the accidents they cause can be clearly  identified from the accidents stats it should be possible to show a disproportionate effect related directly to them. They will be unaffacted by any measures taken for speed enforcement, unless jailed or KSI following an accident. So if, for the sake of the discussion, they represent 30% of all KSI stats, but their activity will remain mainly unchanged by any speed enforcement (may indeed lead to increased accidents due to greater speed differentials?), then the 40% overall target reduction will need to come from the 70% of other causes. I.e over 50% of 'law abiding driver' accidents will need to be eliminated.

Is there any analysis from which such figures could be discovered?

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You can't measure safe driving in miles per hour.