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Traffic diverts to less safe roads due to enforcement on busy routes.

Comment from: Martin Day

This has happened in my area. I have changed my routes into work and pleasure to avoid newly reduced limits and new GATSO installs. But now my routes are becoming targets themselves for new enforcmentetc..One good example the road from Horsham (Sussex) to Guildford (I think it is the A281?)  I used to cut off the  M25 in the morning, but now it has a new 2-3 mile stretch to 40
from national speed limit. It was good as the road is in my opinion good and did save me time with no risk from PC Tax Collector, where as M25 Gatso will take mony off me..

I wish to add that it is unfair to reduce limits  because if you don't live in an area, you won't get a local paper to see what the council is planning to do, so a driver who uses the road regulary will not get a say...

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