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Drivers' priorities are distorted. (i.e. speeds are set to legal limits rather than for safe driving reasons)

Comment from: Andy Ashworth

This particular risk is heightened by the current "nanny state" mentality; many talking heads are appearing on our television screens saying "speed kills" and calling for lower speed limits with the implied assumption that lower speed limits are all that is required to make driving safe again. What about people using mobile phones, changing tapes in the stereo, smoking, drinking, eating or just plain not paying attention!

Comment from: Ben Holland

It will not be long before the first fatality to a pedestrian elicits the excuse "I didn't see him/her because I was too busy looking at the speedo" The emphasis should be on driving at an appropriate speed for the conditions and this is not found by looking at the speedo but by looking out of the window and assessing the hazards.

This is improved by driver training not driver persecution

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You can't measure safe driving in miles per hour.