12 million

motorists convicted by speed camera

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PR184: 12 million abused motorists will influence election, says Safe Speed

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Figures calculated by Safe Speed and presented for the first time
today in the London Evening Standard reveal that more than 12 million
motorists have now been convicted by speed camera.

According to a simple projection of speed camera tickets based on Home
Office figures well over 12 million speed camera tickets have been
issued since the first ticket in 1992. £700 million pounds have been
raised in speeding fines but the roads have not got safer - In fact
road deaths have not fallen significantly for a decade.

Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign
(www.safespeed.org.uk) said: "It's a grudge thing for most motorists
who have received a speeding ticket. They know full well that they
were driving at a safe and appropriate speed at the time of the so-
called offence and they resent being abused."

"So far only the Conservatives have pledged to look at the speed
camera programme - including a pledge to disband the greedy camera
partnerships. But in the run up to the election what party would dare
to ignore the pain of 12 million voters and the disgruntled chattering
in every pub in the land?"

"Our extensive research show clearly that routine speeding by
otherwise responsible motorists is not a serious road safety issue,
yet while the focus remains on speed other far more important issues
are neglected. But even worse than that is the effect of speed cameras
on responsible drivers. It should be obvious to everyone that drivers
looking for cameras are not looking for hazards on the road ahead."


The growth of speed camera fines and the decline of police speeding fines:

2003 and 2004 figures are estimates

2003 and 2004 figures are estimates

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