Comments for claim 1.10
Safe driving is no accident

Excessive use of low speed limits where it is obvious to drivers that they are not required brings speed limits into disrepute. This leads to speed limits being ignored, and unfortunately important speed limits are ignored as a consequence.

Comments from Stuart Bruce:

This must be a good argument for realistic variable limits which are enforced, eg outside a school @ start, lunch and home time maybe even 20 mph is a bit quick. Yet at other times a higher limit would be quite acceptable to most people, drivers, pedestrians and residents.

Near my home there are 20 mph limits outside schools at critical times,  however I believe they are only advisory, during the rest of the day the limits are 30 or 40 depending upon the road.

Unfortunately whilst most drivers act sensibly it does not stop the idiots as in claim 1.11. I can see the situation happening where because the temporary limit is either ignored or not enforced that a statutory 20 mph limit be imposed for 24 hours a day when it probably is only needed for 4 hours max. Thus the limit would be ignored when its most needed all due to
the lowest common denominator.